Sidelight is a simple HTML+JS powered webapp that I made at the beginning of the pandemic to add light to my remote work setup. Since then I've used it to add accent lighting to photos via my phone and to my desk setup via a spare monitor.


smug8 logo I really enjoy photography and am a big fan of Smugmug. I wrote Smug8 to learn app development on Windows 8 and to make access to my own photos easier at the time.

smug8 screenshot smug8 screenshot


5mash-logo 5mash (source on github) is a small app I wrote when my daughter was very young and very interested in screens. At the time, I had wanted to try out a new project type for making Windows apps called WinJS.

Store description:

5mash (Smash) is a simple game for children. As they touch the screen, random shapes will appear, accompanied by small, random sounds. Tapping on shapes that are on the screen will cause them to disappear.
It helps work on hand-eye coordination, as well as cause and effect.
There are no ads, no in-app purchases, or anything else!
It was created for my 7-month old daughter to play, so it should work for children around that age. If they can sit up to play with toys, or at least keep their head up while laying on their stomach, they should be able to use this!

5mash screenshot 5mash screenshot


Smugbook was the original app for syncing photo galleries from Smugmug to Facebook. My friend Nate and I wrote it to make it easier to share photos with friends and family. Created before Github was really a thing, I'm not sure where the source code is anymore.